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June 29, 2011 / pacificplaceseattle

Now is the time for wearing WHITE

No one seems to be sure anymore when you should and shouldn’t wear white – especially because “winter white” is a valid color. After doing a bit of research the rule originally applied to shoes and it went like this: “Only wear white shoes between Memorial Day and Labor Day.” Also, since white reflects light and heat the wearing of white would make you cooler in the winter and should be avoided. I guess that makes sense.

Either way, we are safe right now and thus should enjoy the freedom to let our white shoes and clothing out from the dark shadows of our closets!

Thankfully, you can walk into any store right now and find a plethora of white fashions – a few of my favorites can be found at White House | Black Market. They have some fantastic white tanks, wedges, jewelry and dresses (ok, I cheated a bit on the dress). Club Monaco has some beautiful white pieces to add to your wardrobe as well – my current favorite must-have is the Desiree top. I-HAVE-TO-HAVE-IT!

Also make sure to stock up on the white button down shirt – so many styles and options are available and we all know how important having one (or 5) in your wardrobe can be . I looked around and personally I feel J. Crew is the winner right now when it comes to the white button down. They know their button downs – no doubt about that.

All in all, live it up while you can. Now is the time to wear white!

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