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November 2, 2011 / pacificplaceseattle

Fall is for Boots

There is nothing better than crunching through the Fall leaves in a fabulous new pair of comfy boots. Especially when they are a pair of beautiful boots paired with the perfect skirt or skinny jeans.

One thing we’ve learned in all of our many years of shopping, when you see a pair of shoes you love, buy them then or you may never find them again… Seriously, it won’t matter how hard you look, you will have their image in your head and you won’t be able to find anything as good. It’s happened to us time and time again but not this time. No, no, not this time!

The other day when we were shopping we stopped by the new Clarks store and fell in love with the Jordan Brooke bootie in taupe! However as our time there started to come to a close we spied the Kathleen Sallee bootie and the Orinocco Jump knee length boot. What is a girl to do – so many beautiful boots… Well, buy them of course!

Gotta go, there are leaves to be crunched…

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