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March 19, 2012 / pacificplaceseattle

Spring into Fashion with Club Monaco

When you think spring you probably think “April showers brings May flowers,” especially if you are a Seattle native. With a new season however, also comes the re-creation of new fashion and style to put everyone in a new mood. Regardless if fashion is a primal factor in your life, pushing black and grey tones to the back of your closet is inspiring enough to take on bright colors and fabrics for a transitioned persona.

Club Monaco is home  to a myriad of inspiration. Aspects that are the molds behind Club Monaco’s style play out in the culture of the fashion house. Travel, food, art , design, and music lay the ground for their culture club.

We recently sat down with Club Monaco for a one-on-one on spring fashion.

Pacific Place:  Everyone wants to become inspired by spring 2012 trends, what is one work that exemplifies inspiration to Club Monaco’s style for spring 2012?

Club Monaco: Sun-Soaked floral prints. Canvas with leather trims. COAST LINE. Lots of layering.

Pacific Place: What are the quintessential must have pieces from head to toe for both women and men?

Club Monaco: For women; Lainey dress, Medore sweaters, Jocelyn sweater wrap, Rene crop pan – which also happens to be our #1 selling pant. For men; Field jacket, Ian sweater, Marcus cardigan, Mark short.

Pacific Place: How does Tommy Ton come together with Club Monaco for Spring 2012?
Club Monaco: Club Monaco’s collaboration with Tommy Ton reflects a cultural and influential brand synergy, and reinforces Club Monaco as a style leader on a global scale. Club Monaco will be showcasing visual installation in the stores starting March 20th. We will be showing off a “street style” chic. Limited edition bags will be available in Navy British Milerain fabric with navy leather trim.
Pacific Place: What is your personal favorite fashion from the spring lookbook?
Club Monaco: The Ian sweater and field jacket.
Pacific Place: We can all appreciate buying and supporting local, what sets Club Monaco apart from its competitors?
Club Monaco: We value the classic, timeless, quality look. We tend to stick to great blends.
Pacific Place: What should the Club Monaco shopper be on the look out for in the coming months?
Club Monaco: The first week of every month is the launch of a new collection which includes client events with wine and hors d’oeuvres.
Now that you have a sense of spring 2012 style hurry up and head to Club Monaco to be one of the first to preview the fresh new collection. You can always stay in the fashion loop with Club Monaco by visiting and liking them on facebook.
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