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October 5, 2012 / pacificplaceseattle

Men’s outerwear for when our weather takes a turn

Gentlemen, it’s time to stop kidding ourselves. This summer-esque weather isn’t going to last forever.

Eventually, we will have to put away our barbecues, swap out our Mariners jerseys for Seahawks jerseys and start raking leaves. It’s time to admit that the infamous grey Seattle days will soon be upon us.

Thankfully, some friends here at Pacific Place have some outerwear options that can help you embrace the cold and the rain like a true Seattleite.

Firstly, the Merino crewneck sweater from J.Crew is the perfect casual base layer for chilly rainy days. Made with 100% Merino wool and vintage suede elbow patches, this sweater offers a stylish way to stay warm.

Merino Crewneck

Eddie Bauer offers some excellent jackets for those looking for something a little more rugged to help combat the inevitable rainy day.

This First Ascent MircoTherm down jacket is perfect for repelling light rain or snow and can be worn as an outer layer to beat the cold. The MicroTherm down jacket is filled with European goose down and comes in multiple vibrant colors to fit any style. It is also available in a vest and hooded version.

MicroTherm Jacket

MicroTherm Vest

The classic Skyliner jacket from Eddie Bauer is another stylish option for beating the weather. Invented in 1936 by Eddie Bauer himself, the quilted pattern and fill system used in this jacket changed the way outerwear was made forever. To this day, the jacket remains a stylish, rugged companion for anyone stuck in the cold or rain.


These and many other outerwear options available at Pacific Place can help any Pacific Northwest guy prepare for the return of the rainy days.

Now get outside and enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts!


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