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October 9, 2012 / pacificplaceseattle

Fall is our favorite time to curl up with a good book

Not only is fall the perfect time to switch up your wardrobe, it is our favorite time to curl up with a good book. Lucky for us, Barnes and Noble has plenty of new fall releases that are sure to keep us occupied with reading this season.

Here are a couple of our personal suggestions:

1. J.K. Rowling, the literary wizard behind the Harry Potter series, has released her first novel written for grown-ups, and from what we hear it is full of enough quirky characters and intrigue to please just about any reader. The Casual Vacancy is set in the seemingly perfect small English town of Pagford. While the quaint town may seem like a Stepford-esque place to live, readers soon discover that under the squeaky-clean façade lies a town at war. An opening on Pagford’s town council soon ignites a war like the town has never witnessed before. ‘The Casual Vacancy’ is described as “blackly comic, though provoking and constantly surprising.” We can’t wait to pick up a copy.

The Casual Vacancy

2. If you aren’t one of the millions of people who have already read The Fifty Shades Trilogy, then we highly suggest you check out E. L. James’ naughty series. Follow college student Anastasia Steele as she embarks on an intensely passionate love affair with a young, captivating entrepreneur named Christian Grey. This sexy series breaks conventional boundaries and challenges the reader’s ideas about erotic romance. Fifty Shades is certainly not recommended for the faint of heart! The series has been topping the best seller lists since the spring and now Barnes and Noble offers the whole series in one convenient box set.

Fifty Shades of Grey

3. For the first time in history a Navy SEAL breaks the code of silence surrounding the SEAL team six mission that killed Osama Bin Laden in No Easy Day. This riveting autobiography tells the story of Mark Owen, a member of SEAL team six, who played an integral role in some of the most important covert military operations in recent history. No Easy Day sheds light on the powerful struggles and triumphs of the soldiers who keep America safe. We are honored to be able to read about such important heroism and patriotism.

No Easy Day


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