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November 30, 2012 / pacificplaceseattle

Explore the Ancient World of King Tut

Learn about one of the world’s most famous mummies up close before it’s too late! Or if you’ve already seen the exhibit, why not purchase tickets for someone on your Christmas list. The Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs exhibit at the Pacific Science Center gives curious Seattleites the chance to take a step back in time, and explore the ancient world of King Tut himself. The exhibit runs only through January 6, 2013 and then it will leave North America forever. Hurry!

We couldn’t wait to check out the collection of over 100 ancient artifacts including King Tut’s personal pair of gold sandals. We weren’t disappointed! Just in case you’re not familiar with the famous pharaoh, here’s a quick refresher:

King Tut rose to popularity when British archaeologist, Howard Carter discovered his tomb in 1922. He was given the nickname “the boy king” because it is widely believed that King Tut took the throne at the age of only nine or ten! He only ruled Egypt for nine years before dying in his late teens.

King Tut Pharaoh

If you are planning a trip to the King Tut exhibit, you’ll want to know that your exhibit ticket comes with a free Pharaoh’s Gold Card. You can use the Pharaoh’s Gold Card to receive special discounts from some of our favorite Pacific Place shops and restaurants, including 11 Olives, Clarks, Red Mango, SEVEN and Something Silver. Click here for more information about all of the Pharaoh’s Gold Card special offers!

Remember, you only have until January 6, 2013 to check out the King Tut exhibit (and score a Pharaoh’s Gold Card) before it leaves North America forever!

King Tut


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