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December 21, 2012 / pacificplaceseattle

Winter Weather Essentials to Combat the Cold

Winter is finally here, and as we all know, with winter comes chilly days and freezing nights. Lucky for us, Club Monaco was kind enough to recommend a few select cozy accessories to help you make it through the cold weather in warmth and style.

For the ladies, Club Monaco recommends the Luella cashmere scarf to block out the cold in style. Lightweight and made with rich cashmere, this scarf is any gal’s solution to those chilly Seattle days.

Club Monaco at Pacific Place

Throw on a pair of Lydia fingerless gloves to keep your hands from freezing. These cashmere gloves are a unique and cozy complement to any cold weather outfit. Complete your style and accessorize the fingerless gloves with a Lydia cashmere knit hat to add a casual cold weather look to any outfit.

Pacific Place Holiday Shopping

For the fellas, Club Monaco recommends a Joshua Herringbone scarf. Made with a super soft combination of silk and cashmere, this scarf will add texture to any casual outfit.

Pacific Place winter fashion

These Benson deer skin gloves should keep your fingers from going numb on those chilly drives to work. We love how soft the wool and cashmere lining is.

Last but not least gentlemen, when it comes time to winterizing your wardrobe, top off your look with this vintage looking William wool driving cap .

Pacific Place Club Monaco Winter Fashion

Don’t let the chill of the season get you down! Bundle up with these and other cold weather accessories to keep you warm available at Pacific Place.


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