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January 23, 2013 / pacificplaceseattle

Snow Bunnies and Winter Skin Relief

The winter season conjures up images of snow bunnies dressed in chunky sweaters, an array of scarves with every outfit and your favorite pair of knee-high boots.

Unfortunately, winter also comes with a downside: dry skin. The cold dry air mixed with your home’s heaters can leave your skin chapped, tight and itchy. With the right products, however, you can combat winter’s dark side from head to toe. We’ve rounded up the top five products available at Pacific Place to leave your skin feeling as good as you look.

5. The Body Shop-Beautifying Oil

The Body Shop’s beautifying oil is a lightweight blend of fair trade oils made to lock in your skin’s natural oils. Immediately after contact, my skin felt soft and smooth and had a translucent shimmer to it. The great thing about these oils is they’re so versatile! It works great on your skin, face and hair. Beautifying oils come in eleven different scents; from fruity, to earthy and even a mouthwatering chocolate variety.

The Body Shop Seattle

4. Victoria’s Secret-Nearly Nude Body Wash

Wash away dry skin with Victoria’s Secret’s Nearly Nude body wash. This creamy body wash is packed with antioxidants that rid the body of dirt and toxins. The light creamy wash lathers up thick, then washes off clean. Like after a tall drink of water, your skin is left hydrated and refreshed.

Victoria's Secret Seattle

3. SEVEN Salon-Penetrate, conditioning treatment 

Winter weather can leave your hair dull and frizzy. SEVEN Salon’s Penetrate conditioner infuses each strand with moisture and goes to work, repairing damage occurred over time. A soft, smooth and healthy glowing mane is a must-have every season.

SEVEN Salon Seattle

2. Aveda-Hand Relief 

For me, hand lotions need to be effective and have a great scent. Aveda’s Hand Relief cream is that perfect combination. This rich moisturizing cream soothes even the driest chapped hands and leaves them looking noticeably healthier. Aveda’s hand therapy in a tube is derived from flower and plant essences giving it a subtle floral scent.

Aveda Pacific Place

1. L’Occitane-Pure Shea Butter

L’Occitane’s Pure Shea Butter is a purse essential, ladies! In the winter months, Shea Butter is a great lip balm that protects, as well as strengthens, delicate skin from harsh wind and cold. In a pinch, this versatile balm can be used on your nails and cuticles. Now that you are set for head-to-toe winter treatment, we hope you share your favorite products from this list and tell us how they saved your skin this season.

Pacific Place Skin Care


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