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February 7, 2013 / pacificplaceseattle

The Year of New & Comeback Recording Artists

After the bombshell news was released that our favorite 90’s pop stars, The Backstreet Boys and Destiny’s Child will be returning to the spotlight this year, it’s no surprise that 2013 is going to be filled with great music, and great new CD releases.

Here are the top five releases we’re most looking forward to between now and summer that can be picked up from Barnes & Noble at Pacific Place:


Local NativesHummingbird

Taking their queue from moody pop bands like Mumford and Son’s, Local Native’s new album has a great lineup of lyrical tunes full of angst and ‘ooohs’. Get your hands on this album now to understand why this young band is already headed for superstardom.

Local NativesGary AllanSet You Free

Get in touch with your inner-country spirit! Gary Allan’s, Set You Free, featuring the single, Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain), was just released this month. An ever-evolving artist, Allan combines everything from rocking sing along anthems, to breakup ballads on his new album.

Gary Allan Set You FreeAtoms For PeaceAmok

Amok, the first release from Atoms for Peace, is the kind of album that can only be made in rock heaven! This collaboration between Thom York and Red Hot Chili Pepper’s, Flea, takes you on a melodic trip through high end sound design with York’s oh so familiar rasp as your tour guide.


David BowieThe Next Day

Dormant for at least a decade, David Bowie is resurrecting his career and releasing his newest album The Next Day in March of 2013. Don’t expect the album to be similar to his current single, Where are We Now. The Next Day is a true blue rock album reminiscent of classic Bowie while never loosing his innovative style.

David Bowie, The Next DayBackstreet Boys

Whether or not you’re a fan of the Backstreet Boys, we all know you’re curious about their new CD that will be released in early summer. Don’t expect a resurrection of their 90’s music. Instead, anticipate the album to incorporate an indie pop-rock sound, without loosing the BSB flair.

Backstreet Boys

Twenty-Thirteen is definitely the year for music! Look for these albums at Barnes & Noble to be released between now and summer!


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