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February 20, 2013 / pacificplaceseattle

Warm Bodies at AMC Pacific Place

Move over vampires. It looks like zombies are quickly becoming our new favorite monsters. Thanks to the popularity of shows like, AMC’s The Walking Dead, and movies like, Zombieland, zombies have groaned and stumbled their way back into our hearts. While we love the horror, the gore and the epic special effects of the classic zombie movies, we have always wished for a great zombie love story.

Lucky for us, there is finally a movie to satisfy our need for a little zombie romance.

Part romantic comedy, part zombie apocalypse, the new movie, Warm Bodies, seeks to answer the age-old question: can zombies fall in love?

Nicholas Hoult (X-men: First Class, About a Boy) stars as a zombie who starts to develop human feelings and falls for the daughter (Teresa Palmer) of a vicious zombie killer, (John Malkovich). The pair develop a unique, comical friendship as they navigate through the action packed, zombie infested world together.

This movie might be the perfect compromise for couples who can’t decide between a fun romantic comedy or an action packed thriller! We love how the trailer combines action, adventure and a truly unique love story! Check it out here:

Warm Bodies is now playing at AMC Pacific Place. Remember to turn in your same day movie ticket at any Pacific Place restaurant to receive some sweet special dining offers.

Love Never DiesWarm Bodies


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