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April 12, 2013 / pacificplaceseattle

Five Window Displays That Will Have You Inspired for Spring

Beyond the name brands, the spring sales, and the pressing desire to “keep up with the trends,” shopping is an art. It is an art of aesthetics: looks are everything. So what’s the first thing you see when you walk past a store? The window display. A vibrant and artistically crafted window display can make or break a store’s productivity for that line. Stores must perfect the ability to portray their favorite pieces as a sneak-peak for their customers, but do so in an alluring and inviting manner. Here are our five window displays that especially caught our eyes for spring:


BCBG takes the cake for a tasteful spring window display. The gorgeous flower arrangements are not only perfect representations of spring, but they are also skillfully coordinated with the color scheme of each clothing display. Further, the intentionally dimmed and angled lighting draws the eye to specific parts of the window display, namely the mannequins, which is an effective, yet subtle, marketing technique to lure in potential shoppers.


2. kate spade new york

kate spade new york’s trademark is their usage of vibrant, bright colors and they are not afraid to flaunt it. This window display is so effective because the colors create a stark contrast with the usual mundane color palettes of other stores, making kate spade new york almost irresistible to the eye. The display is careful not to highlight fluorescent pinks and greens to excess, but rather, keeping the really ostentatious colors to a tasteful minimum.

kate spade 1

3. J.Crew

J.Crew’s strategy is simple: let the merchandise speak for itself. The window display has minimal amounts of background color or ornaments, and the display is comprised entirely of the store’s featured spring line. The specifically selected outfits are also very simplistic. While most of the clothing features bright colors, which are representative of spring, they are also only the bare essentials of an outfit, lacking in almost any accessories. J.Crew does a masterful job of exemplifying that less is in fact more with their simple yet elegant window display.

J. Crew

4. Barneys New York

Barneys New York combines both simplistic and colorful techniques in their window display. While they do rely on a backdrop to enhance the display’s overall appearance, the designs on the backdrops are very unembellished. The backdrops are composed of only basic primary colors, which are plain and versatile enough to function as effective displays. The blue and white display is paired nicely with a selection of outfits that are focused on a blue color palette, which naturally enhances their aesthetic appeal; the yellow backdrop has cute black marker-esque drawings, which subtly pay homage to the darker blacks and grays of the outfits displayed there.


5. Club Monaco

Last, but certainly not least, Club Monaco has a window display that is unique from all the other window displays previously discussed. The ominous black color scheme of both the featured outfits and the backdrop are directly contradictory to the advertising strategies employed by many of its peers. However, this display is truly effective because it appeals to a much larger audience. Club Monaco neutralizes this segregating effect by utilizing a gender neutral color scheme that even has a greater appeal to a male audience by featuring more mannequins sporting men’s attire than women’s.

Club Monaco

Window displays aren’t just designed to taunt broke window shoppers: there is a method to the madness. These window displays were more than enough to inspire us to start spring shopping. Go out and find your own favorite window displays (and use it as an excuse to start scoping out a great new spring wardrobe)!


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