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April 16, 2013 / pacificplaceseattle

Thai Ginger: Delectable Dining Downtown

Shopping for an entirely new spring wardrobe can be exhausting, not to mention it works up an appetite.

In honor of spring, and a new month, we journeyed over to Pacific Place’s Thai Ginger – a restaurant renowned for its bold flavors and impeccable service.

Thai Ginger

Upon arriving, we were immediately greeted by a friendly server who guided us toward a gorgeously furnished table fully equipped with dinner menus.

Deciding what to order was nearly impossible, but a combination of suggestions from our waiter and detailed descriptions assisted us in selecting the perfect meal.

As far as beverages go, the Thai Tea is a necessity at any Thai restaurant. Its sweet and creamy taste is only heightened by the tea’s beautiful swirling orange appearance.

In honor of the season, we commenced our meal with authentic Thai spring rolls. Their crunchy bite-size makes them a fun appetizer for all ages to enjoy.

Our main courses arrived swiftly, although even if they had taken twice as long to arrive, they would have been well worth the wait!

Thai Ginger

The dishes we enjoyed included: the classic Pad Thai, which was magnificently done. Vegetarians would appreciate the choice between fresh or fried tofu to accompany the exotic flavors of the dish.

For the seafood lover, opt for the Phad Talay. The savory medley of vegetables and seafood will certainly not disappoint.

Another favorite dish is the Guay Tiew Naam (Rice Noodle Soup). For those lingering cold weather days, a nice hot meal will suit Seattleites as the climate transitions to spring.

Upon completing our entrees, we were all happily, but incredibly full. Our effervescent waiter offered dessert, which we politely declined for the sake of our waistbands. He politely insisted that we try the mango sticky rice, because it was one of the restaurant’s crowning dishes.

Well, if he insisted.

Thai Ginger

The soft sticky rice, coated in a creamy coconut milk sauce, combined with ripe and succulent mangoes was the perfect ending to a fantastic meal.

The friendly staff, delicious food, and authentic atmosphere made our dining experience at Thai Ginger truly wonderful!


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