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May 17, 2013 / pacificplaceseattle

Three Super Refreshing Ideas for a Mid-Shopping Break

Please don’t misinterpret this post because we love shopping! Shopping is one hobby that is both exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. Hunting high and low for the best offers, sifting through racks of clothes for the newest spring trends and hopping from store to store to assemble a stylish and coordinated outfit can drain the energy of even the most experienced shopper.

There is no shame in having to take a quick refresher break to reboot and refuel your shopping engines. Here are three of our favorite Pacific Place destinations for a quick mid-shopping pit stop before diving back into the race:

1. Starbucks

Starbucks is a classic go-to destination for a refreshing beverage and tasty pastry. If you have a little time to kill, we highly suggest ordering one of Starbucks’ patented

Tazo Green Tea Lattes. Research on the health benefits of green tea has concluded that the beverage decreases the risk of both cancer and heart disease. Not to mention the icy beverage tastes great and is a perfect smooth and creamy pick-me-up when you’re starting to feel sluggish.  Starbucks

If you’re pressed for time, pick up a Starbucks Refreshers and enjoy the satisfying taste and quality of a Starbucks drink without the wait in line. These conveniently canned drinks are only 60 calories and include several vitamins and antioxidants that make you feel just as good as the drink tastes.


If you’re hungering for something a little more filling, we urge you to try some of the delicious baked goods Starbucks has to offer. Their Morning Glory Muffins are made with carrots, raisins, pineapple, and pecans and are a delicious and nutritious snack to fuel you through your day. For a little extra indulgence, their new Cheesecake Brownies taste just as good as they sound, and are the perfect way to treat yourself after a great day of shopping.

2. Red Mango

Frozen yogurt is the classic spring and summer snack, and its cold, refreshing and endless toppings make this sweet treat scrumptiously versatile. Red Mango’s All-Natural Frozen Yogurt comes in many delectable flavors to choose from. Our personal favorite is the Original Tart. A small serving is only 120 calories and, paired with some seasonally fresh berries and crunchy granola, this is the kind of mid-shopping refresher that will maintain your pants size too.

Red Mango

If you’re in dire need of a little caffeine boost, we suggest trying one of Red Mango’s Frozen Coffee Chillers. These non-fat beverages blend together coffee and Red Mango yogurt to make a delightfully icy treat. They come in a variety of flavors including vanilla, caramel, mocha and natural coffee, and combine the perfect amount of flavor and caffeine to get you back on your feet, fully equipped with shopping bags in hand.

3. Trophy Cupcakes

Let’s say you’re not in the mood for a drink but you do want to reward your long day of shopping with a mouth-watering treat. Look no further than Trophy Cupcakes! Their everyday cupcake flavors range from red velvet to triple chocolate (our personal favorite), and with each day of the week they have a different selection of cupcakes to choose from. Gluten-free? Yes, Trophy Cupcakes offers an insanely delicious variety of GF cupcakes for those who need to avoid wheat. So no matter what days you shop, what Pacific Place stores you hit or what sales you score, a new Trophy Cupcake you haven’t tasted yet will always be waiting for you.

Trophy Cupcakes

Shopping is basically a sport. Any good athlete will tell you that you need to keep hydrated and fueled during any big sporting event. So get out there and shop until you drop, then reboot on some of these delicious refreshers, and shop some more!


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