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May 20, 2013 / pacificplaceseattle

Technologically Awesome Items You Don’t Want to Miss

Keeping up with hundreds of new, shiny tech items being released monthly is an advanced feat, unless you’re a writer for Geekwire or you are just genuinely interested in what’s hot in tech. Most of us, however, are not. We picked out a few simply awesome tech gadgets that can be found here at Pacific Place that are definitely worth your attention!



Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools for iPad® Sets

William Sonoma

This smart tool is a wonderful combination of convenience and entertainment. If you normally use your iPad/tablet as a recipe book, give this chef tool a try. The Smart Tool’s Kitchen Stand is designed for your iPad to sit perfectly at an ideal viewing angle. This makes it easier for you to look at recipes, watch videos, or listen to music while you cook.

The set consists of a Bluetooth speaker, kitchen stand and removable screen shield so your screen stays glare and splatter-free!

HD Video Pen


We love Brookstone so much because we know that we can always find the most useful and unique household electronics. Take this HD Video Pen, for example, which we daresay is the coolest thing ever. Not only is the pen for our inner ninja, but we can now record just about anything we come across without missing a moment. There’s even a full two hours on a single charge! It is equipped with a high-definition CMOS camera that can record full-color video, 4GB flash memory (approximately 1.5 hours of video) and crystal clear 720 x 480 resolution which can be displayed on a computer via USB connection. Not bad for a ballpoint pen, eh? Oh, and one more thing; this bad boy turns on with just a click of a button!

Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer


This friendly gadget will never let you ruin a good BBQ party by burning the meat left on the grill. This is how it works:  Simply change the settings on Brookstone’s Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer to the preferred cooking temperature and preferred meat doneness, close the lid, walk away, and join the party without having to keep an eye on the grill. A kind voice will alert you when the meat is almost done. All that’s left is for you to impress everyone with the perfect grilled BBQ!

SoundLink® Bluetooth® Mobile speaker II


Were you one of those teenagers who needed to have their iPods hooked to a speaker ritually? Did you think to yourself, “Wow, I wish someone would invent wireless speakers so I don’t have to deal with the wires all the time.” Your wish has come true! This compact and lightweight speaker will solve the problems that we had to deal with previously, such as annoying wires. Bose’s SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker can connect to any Bluetooth device and play music anywhere within a 30-foot wireless range. This means you can take the device anywhere indoors or outdoors regardless of whether there is an outlet. Whether you’re at a picnic, a park, or even your bedroom where all the plugs are occupied by other electronic devices, you can pair the speaker to your Bluetooth device and start a party!

What do you think of our list? Please be sure to check out more items from the featured Pacific Place stores: Brookstone, Bose and Williams-Sonoma!


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