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June 15, 2013 / pacificplaceseattle

The Father’s Day Gift Guide Just in Time

Our dads can be pretty cool. They taught us how to drive a car, kick a ball and throw a punch. Dads (almost) always take “our” side and have a knack for playing good cop when you’re trying to get permission for that impromptu road trip or crazy piercing.

Well it’s time to thank good ole’ dad for all the hard work he has put into raising you. Sound like an incredibly daunting task? Have no idea where to start? Don’t worry. We’ve developed a few ideas to help you out. Here’s our 2013 “Father’s Day Gift Guide” for every type of father there is.

1. The Outdoorsy Dad:

This is the dad that dragged you and your family on annual camping trips, subscribes to Field and Stream magazine, and doesn’t understand the point of indoor plumbing.

If all of the above are true (or maybe all except the third one), then get your father a gift he’ll get some good use out of. We suggest checking out Eddie Bauer for their impeccable selection of outdoor apparel. All of their gear is durable, weather-resistant and will make your dad the most fashionable mountain man that ever lived.

Eddie Bauer For Dad

2. The Desk Dad:

This is for those dads that work at a desk job, aren’t too passionate about leaving the comfort of the air conditioned indoors and are always hip on the latest pieces of technology. If your dad is like this, finding a present should be extremely straightforward.

Your one-stop-shop is Barnes and Noble. You could get him a book – yes we’re sure he would love to add another great novel to his collection. However if you really want to be the favorite child, get him one of the awesome electronics that Barnes and Noble has to offer.

Our personal favorites? We’re glad you asked:

Father's Day Gift Guide

The brand new Nook Tablet is definitely on our wish list. It’s the perfect tablet to satisfy even the geekiest of fathers with easy web access, thousands of movies and books to choose from, and over 700,000 Android apps and games. What more is there to life?

iHome Stereo Gift Guide for Dad

Next up, iHome Stereo Headphones. The headphones are beautiful, stunning, chic, and – best of all – they are only twenty dollars. Getting your dad these headphones solidifies your position as the favorite child without totally draining your bank account.

Sentimental Gift for Dad

If you wish to go the sentimental route, get your dad the: Behind Every Good Kid is a Great Dad White Wood Box Sign. He can showcase the sign on his desk at work and everyday be reminded of A) How good his kid is, and B) What a great Dad he is. Now that’s living the dream.

3. The Classy Dad:

This is the father who doesn’t need help shopping, doesn’t need help picking out electronics, and is arguably one of the hardest people to buy presents for on the planet.

Don’t give up yet! We’ve got some great ideas:

Try the Mid-Size Kit Unscented or the Mid-Size Kit Sandalwood from The Art of Shaving. Facial hair is an omnipresent concept in any man’s life and I can guarantee even the classiest of dads will appreciate the intricate and practical appliances from The Art of Shaving.

Not what you had in mind? That’s ok. We have a final foolproof option. Head to Barneys New York for the hippest and fancy accessories. Get your dad the pinnacle of all classy accessories: a watch.

A New Watch for Dad

The Luminox Atacama Field is our personal favorite. The leather band is easy on dad’s skin and the watch face is big enough for far-sighted readers, but not so big it dominates the eye.

The most important man in your life deserves only the best. Spend the day with him! Whether it’s an outdoor excursion, a video game session, or dinner at an expensive restaurant – treat him to the best and surprise him with any one of these amazing presents.

Happy Father’s Day! 


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