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July 5, 2013 / pacificplaceseattle

Top Five Must Have Scented Summer Accessories

Pacific Place Summer Scents

Summer is that amazing time in Seattle where the rain begins to slow and the sun begins to show. The gentle breeze carries the delectable scents of summer along with it. The air is filled with the smell of barbeques, sunscreen and wet dogs. Not the ideal perfume you had in mind?

Arm yourself with this summer’s best smelling accessories and remind the world that while looking pretty is important, smelling nice is equally as vital.

1. Perfumes:

The perfect perfume is appropriate for any occasion as long as you master the balance between having a sweet smelling presence and not being overbearing. The trick is to choose a perfume that utilizes common natural scents and enhances them by concentrating the aroma into a singular smell.

L’Occitane En Provence does a fabulous job of harnessing nature’s divine scents,as all of its fragrances are derived from a particular smell in nature. We love the Pivione Flora Eau de Parfum because of its light and floral aroma.

Pacific Place Summer Scent

The fragrance delicately blends both the smells of peonies and magnolias to form a “true elixir of femininity.” The smallest hint of wood lingers in the air to help contribute to the very natural and summery scent of the perfume.

If floral perfumes are not to your liking, there are a series of other summery scents for you to choose from. Victoria’s Secret has an expansive collection of perfumes that range from warm to floral to sweet. Personally, we adore the Tease Eau de Parfum as part of their Sexy Little Things beauty collection.

Noir Tease Fragrance

Tease is a warm fragrance that combines the familiar and delectable smells of fruits such as apples, frozen pears and lychee in addition to appealing to our taste palates by utilizing the scents of vanilla, amber and sandalwood. The counterintuitive concoction results in a very sweet and light smelling fragrance that is a perfect accompaniment to any bright and trendy summer outfit.

Plus, it’s hard not to love a perfume bottle with a squeeze bulb. Too much fun!

2. Moisturizers:

If you don’t love perfumes, think they don’t last very long, or you have a sensitive respiratory system, fear not because there are other options. Another great scented accessory is moisturizer. Not only does it protect your skin from the dry summer heat, but it can also serve as a strategic scented tool.

Our favorite destination for scented moisturizers is The Body Shop. Their unparalleled collection of lotions, purees, whips and body milks are hard to beat. They’re best known for their body butter, and we can’t get enough of it.

Body Butter is a fantastic moisturizing cream that luxuriously hydrates your skin leaving it feeling smooth and soft. In terms of scents, The Body Shop has an enormous selection of different body butter scents to appease the likeness of even the pickiest wearer.

The Body Shop Pacific Place

For summer, our favorite picks are the Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter and the Cocoa Butter Body Butter. The Japanese Cherry Blossom appeals to the light and floral essence of summer while the Cocoa butter has a very subtle but sweet scent that brings back warm memories of chocolaty childhood.

3. Candles:

Not into artificial scents? Like your body in its natural smelling state? Totally reasonable. In that case, maybe try a candle! They’re an absolute aromatic essential and can instantly set the perfect ambiance for any room they’re lit in.

For candles, we love Aveda because their candles not only smell nice, but they are made from all natural soy ingredients and have been proven to have therapeutic effects! To make any room smell like a bright summer day, try their Caribbean Therapy Soy Wax Candle. Not only will the scent sooth and relax your mind, it will also transport you to that Caribbean paradise. Who wouldn’t love that?

Pacific Place Scented Candle

4. Lip Gloss:

Another really simple way to bring the scents of summer into your wardrobe is through your makeup. If you typically don’t like to leave the house without ‘putting your face on’ first, a scented lip gloss will make you feel like your face is complete.

VS Pacific Place Lip Gloss

Check out the Sunset Kiss Flavored Gloss from Victoria’s Secret for the best and brightest in scented beauty. Each shade and flavor perfectly embodies the warm faces of summer and is the perfect accessory to help you radiate beauty and fragrance this summer.

5. Hair Care:

If you want to smell nice but don’t feel like putting in any extra work – there’s still hope for you. The key to smelling nice is to take showers. Regularly. You’re doing that, right?

Awesome. The next step is to make sure you’re maximizing the efficacy of your showers by using some great smelling hair products. The hub for all things hair is none another than SEVEN Salon. They are experts at hair styling, cutting and even have a huge selection of impeccable hair products that not only ensure the health of your hair but also the scent.

SEVEN Salon Products


SEVEN Salon’s Refresh Shampoo and Conditioner collection is amazing for your hair because it utilizes natural products like Green Tea Extract and Organic Aloe Vera Leaves to maintain your hairs natural strength and vitality. Also, the compilation of natural products leaves your hair with a fresh and organic scent that is salon worthy.

There you have it! Our top five favorite scented summer accessories. Now instead of worrying about smelling bad on the beach, you can spend your summer focusing on the important things in life: having fun, enjoying summer and relaxing.



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