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July 12, 2013 / pacificplaceseattle

Summer’s Best Shaves at The Art of Shaving

ATTENTION GENTLEMEN: We have an important public service announcement from our friends at The Art of Shaving. Now that summer is in full swing and the (sometimes) sunny weather is upon us, the male population of Seattle has been afflicted with a serious case of Summer Shaving Apathy Disorder. Symptoms of Summer Shaving Apathy Disorder (S.S.A.D.) include, but are not limited to, general disinterest in facial hair grooming, improper supply and maintenance of shaving products and uncontrolled, unkempt facial hair growth. Fortunately, there is a ray of hope against the S.S.A.D epidemic.

Our friends at The Art of Shaving have the tools and advice necessary to combat even the worst cases of S.S.A.D.

Take their custom line of shaving products, for example. With a variety of pre-shave products, shaving creams and soaps, and aftershaves in four unique scents, there is sure to be the perfect product to help any man reenergize his shaving routine.  We’re pretty sure that one whiff of the sandalwood aftershave can cure even the worst case of S.S.A.D.

The Art of Shaving at Pacific Place

Secondly, no case of S.S.A.D. can be treated without the proper tools. The Art of Shaving offers a wide range of classic shaving brushes and razors to help you achieve maximum shaving efficiency and results.

All of the Art of Shaving’s brushes are made with pure badger hair in order to help lift and soften your beard and gently exfoliate your skin as you lather.

A clean and sharpened razor is the key to overcoming S.S.A.D. and the Art of Shaving’s collection of straight razors, safety razors, and custom razors from Gillette can excite even the most apathetic shaver.

The Art of Shaving at Pacific Place

If you believe that none of these products can cure your case of S.S.A.D., you may need to seek professional help. Luckily the Master Barber at the Art of Shaving can help treat your unkept facial hair with a professional shave as well as prescribe you the right products to prevent future cases of S.S.A.D.

The Perfect Seattle Shave

Gentlemen, remember to stay focused, energized, and ready to stay groomed out there and, whatever you do, don’t get S.S.A.D.


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  1. mark jackson / Apr 1 2014 7:22 am

    Store located in New York, Shanti Maa Inc carry specific health and beauty aid products such as designed shaving accessories like shave gels, disposable razors and blades and much more.

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