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November 19, 2013 / pacificplaceseattle

Upcoming Films We Cannot Wait to See

Movies Seattle

The holidays are our favorite time to go to the movies! As film studios scramble to put out their best and brightest new films before award season, we get a chance to escape the weather and enjoy amazing new movies with family and friends.

Here are a few upcoming movies we can’t wait to see thanks to our friends at AMC Theatres:  

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – Opens December 13th

The second installment in Peter Jackson’s truly epic Hobbit trilogy looks like yet another visual masterpiece. We can’t wait to join Bilbo Baggins and his crew of dwarves as they journey to Lonely Mountain to steal treasure from Smaug, the wicked dragon who lives beneath the mountain. The characters look exactly how we pictured them from the book and, as always, the dazzling special effects alone are worth the price of admission.

Check out the trailer here:

Frozen – Opens November 27th

Frozen looks like it’s going to be a winner for the whole family. The geniuses at Disney take us to the magical kingdom called Arendelle, where the quirky protagonist princess Anna, rugged Ice salesman Kristoff, and a hysterical talking snowman named Olaf, must find Anna’s sister Elsa, who has locked the kingdom in an eternal winter. The 3D visuals look stunning, the characters in the trailer made us laugh out loud, and the empowering action-packed story looks like a lot of fun!

Check out the trailer here:

Saving Mr. Banks – Opens December 20th

Ever wonder about the story behind the beloved cinematic classic Mary Poppins? Well, here is your chance to get the inside scoop. Follow Tom Hanks as the personable Walt Disney, as he tries to sway opinionated author P.L. Travers to allow him to bring her beloved Mary Poppins to the silver screen. This looks like a wonderful slice-of-life film full of heartfelt and funny characters. We can’t wait to get a glimpse in to the real world of Mary Poppins.

Check out the trailer here:



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