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April 11, 2014 / pacificplaceseattle

Bloom in to These Spring Scents at Pacific Place

There are so many great things we look forward to each spring but one of our favorite aspects is finding a new signature spring scent! Aromas almost instantaneously trigger strong reactions and have the power to flood back memories, so you’ll want the perfect scent to associate with Spring 2014 and really make a lasting impression. Often, scents are described using seemingly ambiguous adjectives like ‘bright’ or ‘heavy,’ leaving us wondering if we’re even talking about fragrances anymore. So, we here at Pacific Place, prepared a Spring Scent guide in layman’s terms so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Our friends at Victoria’s Secret have such an incredible selection of perfumes, body mists, lotions, scrubs and more in so many different fragrances, it almost made us dizzy (or maybe we were just having way too much fun with all the yummy options). It was hard to narrow down our favorites but Wild at Heart, Ready to Party, and Wild and Breezy from their PINK collection are just the right fun and flirty perfumes you would come to expect from Victoria’s Secret.

Wild at Heart is just the right amount of fruity without making you feel like you just stepped into a middle school girl’s room. The red passion fruit notes make it perfectly sweet, while the sheer musk makes the fragrance feel a bit more grown up.


VS Seattle


Despite its crazy name, Ready to Party reminds us of the classic, fresh-out-the shower smell everyone loves. The pink lotus flower and apple notes are clean and light, but girly and unique enough to make this pick anything but boring.


Victoria's Secret Scent


Wild and Breezy is exactly how you want to smell after a day at the beach, without the gross salty part. The red guava and passion-flower notes are so refreshing, you won’t be able to get enough of this stuff.


Wild and Breezy Scent


The Body Shop also has an amazing selection of products that smell like heaven, made from natural ingredients, and ethically produced. Even before you step into the shop, you’ll be spellbound by all the wonderful smells floating in the air.

The Moringa scent from The Body Shop is not so much a scent as it is an experience. One breath and you’ll think you’re a flower princess frolicking through a beautiful meadow right after a spring rainstorm. It is not at all like other “flowery” odors that smell like they were made in a factory, but feels like you’re sticking your nose into a fresh bouquet of flowers. If all that isn’t enough, Moringa scented products contribute to a sustainable wage for famers in India!


Bath and Body Works Scents Seattle


The Amazonian Wild Lily Eau de Toilette is our personal favorite. It’s the perfect combination of floral and fresh. And even when we got a bit too enthusiastic and sprayed too much, it wasn’t overwhelming in the slightest. Simple without being boring, sweet without being sickening, we wish everything in the world could smell this good.


Amazonian Wild Lily Scent


The Original White Musk has been a best seller since 1981 so the experts at the Body Shop launched a vamped up version called White Musk Smoky Rose this year, which we fell completely in love with. Of our three picks, it’s the most intense, with an intoxicating rose scent that is daring and seductive without being overpowering — very appropriate for spring.


The Body Shop Seattle

Gentlemen, we know you have to smell good too, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorites for you as well.

Activist is surprisingly spicy while retaining The Body Shop’s signature element of being inspired by nature. It’s suitable for everyday use but perfect for those nights you want an extra oomph.

Activist Cologne

White Musk Sport is the more distinctive version of the original White Musk for Men. The grapefruit and lemon notes keep it smelling crisp and clean, but the musk provides an element of mystery and sexiness. It’s somewhat subtle, but you’ll definitely turn ladies’ heads when you want to!

White Musk Sport

Drifter from True Religion is perfectly named. There’s a slight spiciness that will intrigue you right away. You’ll find yourself asking, “what exactly do I smell” and the longer you smell it, the more layers will be revealed. All the scents will keep you wondering, much like a drifter would, not fully revealing his story, but telling just enough to fully capture your attention.

True Religion Seattle




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