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June 13, 2014 / pacificplaceseattle

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Summer is around the corner, schools are getting out soon, and celebrations are everywhere. Before you get too carried away with it all, take a moment to slow down and show your appreciation to an important person in your life: Dad. Words never seem enough to truly show our dads how much we love them, so here are some gift ideas to go along with your sentiments:

A New Pair of Jeans

Do you ever find yourself walking around the shopping center and reveling in despair at the sheer amount of bad jeans you see men wearing? Denim is always a safe bet boys, but you still need to be a little bit selective! Do your father a huge favor by getting him a new pair of jeans this Father’s Day. Once you do a little bit of sneaking around and find out his pants size, head to J.Crew to peruse their wonderful selection of them! If denim isn’t your dad’s style, they have a huge array of chinos, linen pants, and even seersuckers if that fits his style!

j.crew Pacific Place Father's Day Gift Idea

We love the 484 Jean because of its lightly worn and lightly washed appearance. Also, the slim fit is enough to pass as fashionable without setting off your dad’s “skinny jean” alarm. Your dad can wear these great jeans with any of his favorite shoes (preferably not running shoes, Dad!) and you can rest safe knowing that there is one less person rocking the “Dads jeans” look this year.

High-Quality Headphones

You can’t control what embarrassing genre of music your father insists is “hip” and “cool,” but you can control how he listens to it. A very nice and reliable pair of headphones is a perfect gift that your dad will appreciate for years to come. Also, the beauty of a tech gift is that you don’t have to worry about fitting your father’s personal style or size because they are one size fit all. One of the leading brands in the headphone industry is none other than our very own Bose.

Bose Father's Day Gift

Swing down to Pacific Place and browse their unparalleled selection of in-ear and around the ear headphones. While their products can be a little bit pricey, the quality and durability of each piece is well worth the cost!

A Gold Watch

“All gold everything” is how we feel about your Father’s Day present. Get your dad the timeless (no pun intended) gift of a brand new watch this year. A watch is an accessory that molds fashion and practicality and is a sure fire way to be your father’s favorite this year! We love gold watches (though we’re not picky!) because it is a color that compliments a wide variety of different outfits and has a more polished and refined feel than any of the digital or leather watches. Besides, gold always looks expensive and fancy, even when you aren’t trying to break the bank.

Michael Kors Father's Day Gift

This year we’re going to Michael Kors to view their amazing selection of watches for our Father’s Day present. In particular, we’ve fallen in love with the Over-Size Golden/Cobalt Chronograph Watch because the juxtaposition of the dark blue and the gold create a classy nautical look that will easily complement the blues, blacks, and greys that dominate your dad’s closet. While he’s checking the time, everyone else will be checking out his snazzy new wrist-gear and wonder how a guy like that is so lucky to have a child like you.

In all actuality, your dad will love you no matter what you get him for Father’s Day this year. But if you buy him one of these suggested presents, he’s sure to remember that the next time you need him to lend you some cash or fix your car. Good luck and Happy Father’s Day from Pacific Place!


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