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July 11, 2014 / pacificplaceseattle

Outdoor Gear for Summer Adventures

When the sun is shining, there’s no excuse for not getting outside to enjoy it.. While soothing walks and sandy beaches are definitely premium methods of soaking up the rays, we’re itching for something a little more adventurous. This year, we’re getting our sun in the great outdoors. Yep, you guessed it – camping season is upon us! Make sure you’re equipped with essential (and fashionable) gear for this summer’s greatest adventures. Who said you can’t get a little dirty, but look great doing it too?


Your trusty sidekick since the long days of your youth is the backpack, and it’s making the comeback of a lifetime. Swing on by Eddie Bauer this summer to pick out one of their many backpacks. Durable enough to survive even the most spontaneous adventure and trendy enough to satisfy even the choosiest of campers!

Eddie Bauer Seattle

We love the Adventurer Backpack for its many mesh pockets, padded and adjustable shoulder straps, and the multitude of colors and varieties it comes in.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is a number one priority when doing pretty much anything. Especially if you are outside breaking a sweat, you need to make sure you are bringing plenty of water along with you. The best way to do this, in our humble opinion, is to buy a beautiful and useful water bottle that absolutely never leaves your side.

Water Cooler Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer’s 24 oz. Polar Water Bottle has been a timeless outdoor classic for a long time running. Its dual wall construction makes sure your water stays nice and cool no matter where you find yourself.


Protecting your eyes from the sun while driving is very important, but equally as important when it comes to walking too. Avoid being blinded this summer by bringing a nice pair of sunglasses with you everywhere. Don’t want to bring your expensive and high-end designer glasses with you to the dirty outdoors? We totally understand. That’s why you need a travel pair (and a lounging pair, and a beach pair, and a pair for any other circumstance you might find yourself in!) Stop by Solstice Sunglasses to buy sunglasses for every occasion.

Solstice Sunglasses Seattle

In this instance, we would suggest perusing their selection of foldable sunglasses because their compact nature maximizes your travelling efficiency and your style.


It seems a little obvious, but essential nevertheless. No matter how bright and beautiful it may seem, all of that disappears when the sun goes down. Be sure to bring a heavy jacket with you whenever you’re planning an overnight adventure. Also, any born and/or raised Seattleite will tell you, that jacket better have a hood!

Eddie Bauer Seattle JacketEddie Bauer Seattle Gear

Head back to Eddie Bauer and check out their jackets for men and women! Personally, we love the BC Microtherm Down Jacket that is featured in both men’s and women’s styles. It’s a warm, breathable, windproof, and waterproof jacket that will provide the fullest protection for campers of any experience.

Hiking/Trail Shoes

Last, but certainly not least, when decking out in outdoor gear from head to toe, you can’t forget the toe. While running shoes are nice and tennis shoes are useful, it’s a good idea to invest in some serious hiking boots.

Hiking and Trail Shoes Seattle

Eddie Bauer offers shoes in both men’s and women’s styles. The hiking/trail shoes might be a little bit on the rougher side, but practicality and pretty can still go hand in hand.

Make Pacific Place your first stop before any camping expedition and go out and explore the great outdoors. Be safe and have fun happy adventurers!


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